Building Material Donation

If you consider donating building materials from your remodel or deconstruction. We are qualified to evaluate the fair market value of used building materials for donation to a not-for-profit organization. In order to claim substantial tax benefits the donation of material should be accompanied by an appraisal.

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Decorative Arts

Antique marble bust Decorative arts are not just beautiful objects. Markets and value change with the economy, and according to “What’s hot and what’s not”.  Whether an item has been on the mantel for generations or that perfect decorator find you got for a steal. Our team of appraisers will help you identify it, and make sure of its value.


American Art Pottery

Rookwood vase c.1919

Rookwood vase c.1919

We have a great deal of experience appraising porcelain and ceramics of the19th and 20th Century. We can provide documentation and value to insure your mothers china, or your collection of arts and crafts art pottery.

Rookwood Pottery

Lenox founded in 1889


Newcomb College Pottery from 1895 to 1940

Van Briggle

Roseville Pottery