Kentucky Derby Museum

Barbaro, Life size bronze horse and rider outside of Churchill Downs museum

This years annual ISA (International Society of Appraisers) conference took place in Louisville Kentucky and included an evening at the Churchill Downs Kentucky Derby Museum. As a professional appraisers of art and antiques we are constantly seeking out education on subject matter to inform our research. Our membership in the ISA actually requires us to show continued education and experience in appropriate related areas. This and our adherence to professional ethics, and the USPAP standard are what set Adams Appraisal above the average dealer.

This year’s conference was a great weekend of education on various subjects for appraisers like Audobon prints, Persian rugs, and Bourbon and a chance to network with subject matter experts and experienced professionals from all over the US and Canada. We even managed to sample a little Bourbon.

SOFAChicago Sculptural Objects Functional Art and Design show


Our team recently visited one of the Midwest’s premier fine art events. Sculptural Objects Functional Art and Design show 2018 SOFAChicago. We always look forward to the diverse collection of glass art, sculpture, designed furniture, objects, and jewelry on display.

We love to meet and talk to artists, curators, and gallery owners all over the country about current and historical art and material culture, but SOFA is always one of our favorite research events because it’s right here at home and sculpture can really be so much fun! Here are just a few of the great fun pieces we saw.

Massimo Lunardon – Alien

Marco Miller “Wallace” – Contemporary Chicago artist

Namdoo Kim from the Golden Binoculars series

Fine Art Appraisal in Chicago

Western oil painting

We offer professional appraisal of antique or contemporary art. Our experience includes identification, cataloging and valuation of large collections or individual works. We serve the entire Chicago region and come to your home or office for inspection. Our appraisals are “professional independent conclusions of value” qualified for use with the IRS, legal documentation for trust, estates, or litigation, and certified for insurance. We bill by the hour and can provide realistic estimates for most tasks.

We have experience with painting, prints, etchings, craft objects, decorative arts, cultural property, design, or sculpture. When you have an eclectic collection of works and objects we are generally able to include anything in the home (or garage).


Professional Ethics

As professional appraisers we must maintain our position as an “uninterested party” and avoid bias.  We will not offer to purchase items we have appraised in the last three years.

We do sell items for our clients on consignment, and have a network of collectors, direct or auction sales venues, and dealers

We can generally consign items for a commission, or conduct Estate sales for clients – both based on the premise that “The greater your return, the greater our return.”

As professional appraisers, we adhere to an important code of ethics set forth by the International Society of Appraisers and according to USPAP (Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice). This sets us apart from local dealers and collectors.

We will protect the confidential nature of the appraiser-client relationship
We will not be a party to any fraudulent acts;
We will not perform an assignment with bias;
We will not advocate the cause or interest of any party or issue in an appraisal;
We will not accept an assignment that includes the reporting of predetermined opinions and conclusions;
We will not misrepresent market information or any type of information obtained during the appraisal process;
We shall arrive at an independent numerical conclusion based on knowledge, thorough research and experience without regard to undue influences;
We will not charge a fee based on a percentage of the valuation found, or accept payment for any appraisal in the form of items we have appraised;
We will disclose to the client, any current or prospective interest in the subject property or parties involved; and any services regarding the subject property performed by the appraiser within the three year period immediately preceding acceptance of the assignment, as an appraiser or in any other capacity.


Divorce Appraisal

Appraisal of Home contents. Appraisal of firearms, guitars, or even kitchen equipment.

Appraisal of firearms, guitars, or even kitchen equipment.


A dissolution of marriage needs a well-supported, expert appraisal report that will hold up during litigation. If you find yourself in a battle of assets while settling a divorce Adams Appraisal can assist your attorneys with an accurate description and value of personal property.  More than just an antiques appraisal, we can establish value for household contents as well as specialty collections such as guitars, firearms, tools, vintage vehicles, silver, art pottery, furniture, fine art, and much more.

You are assured the best in service with professional courtesy, confidentiality, and top notch analysis. Working through the sensitive needs of your situation is not a problem. Client confidentiality is among the core ethics of professional appraisal practice.

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Insurance Appraisals

Sterling Silver flatwareWe provide professional appraisals to properly insure all types of art, collectables, business equipment, and residential content. With many basic home-owner’s insurance policies do not properly address the value of the items you treasure most. If a claim must be made to an insurance company they may require proof of value to be established prior to the damage or loss. Even the most comprehensive policy does the individual no good if the replacement cost of the property has not been determined.

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Building Material Donation

If you consider donating building materials from your remodel or deconstruction. We are qualified to evaluate the fair market value of used building materials for donation to a not-for-profit organization. In order to claim substantial tax benefits the donation of material should be accompanied by an appraisal.

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Estate Appraisal


Tintype c.1870

As the executor, or personal representative for a loved ones estate, you may feel overwhelmed by the prospect of handling all of the different aspects of the job. The staff at Adams Appraisal have worked with numerous estates and can be of assistance when dealing with the personal property.

We can assist with your estate tax reporting duties by determining the “Fair market value” as defined by the IRS and providing the required documentation.

We can assist you with the equitable distribution of assets by providing a non-partisan value for the items and provide full documentation tailored to suit your needs.

We can assist with establishing a baseline to determine capital gains when a decedent will liquidate assets in the future.

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Rare Movie Posters discovered under a linoleum floor

Antique movie poster

Antique movie poster

A trove of a 17 rare movie posters discovered under a linoleum floor in southern Pennsylvania may be worth more than $140,000 when they cross the block at public auction Nov. 21-22 in Dallas. The find holds lost pieces of Hollywood history – including five, never-before-seen posters such as Clark Gable’s first starring role and the Style D one sheet for Tarzan The Ape Man, which is expected to sell for more than $40,000 at Heritage Auctions.

The stash was discovered last summer by Bob and Dylan Basta while renovating a back room in their father’s newly-purchased home. When Bob and Dylan removed a dated linoleum floor they discovered layers of newspapers from the 1940s and 14 movie posters from obscure films they had never heard of well as the well-known Tarzan. They quickly called their father, Robert, to report the discovery. Read More…