Insurance Appraisals

Sterling Silver flatwareThe professionals at Adams Appraisal are qualified to provide certified appraisals to properly insure art, collectables, furnishings, business equipment, and residential content. We provide evidence based valuation of comparable replacement cost, inventories, photography, for you and your insurer.

Even the most comprehensive policy does no good if the replacement cost of the property has not been determined. Many basic home-owner’s policies do not properly address the value of the items you treasure. If a claim must be made, your insurance company may require proof of value be established prior to the damage or loss. While it may be possible to appraise items after they have sustained damage or even been destroyed, there is never a clearer picture of your items value than while it is still whole. When you itemize your collection with a professional appraisal, there is peace of mind that nothing will be overlooked or undervalued.

At Adams Appraisal all our appraisals are certified as required by USPAP, (Uniform Standard of Professional Appraisal Practice) the federal standard,  and follow the best professional practices of the ISA (International Society of Appraisers) . These are among the highest standards in the industry.

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