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Henri De Toulouse Lautrec 1895 Mademoiselle Marcelle Lender

“Mademoiselle Marcelle Lender”
Henri De Toulouse Lautrec 1895, Intaglio.

Adams Appraisal LLC is a full service Art and Antiques Appraisal firm serving Chicago and North East Illinois. We appraise all forms of residential content, business, and personal property. Art, Collectables, Antique or Modern furniture, Firearms, Tools, Vehicles, Silver, Ceramics, and Salvaged Building Materials.

We would be happy to assist you in determining what type of appraisal service best fits your needs. Each report is created to conform to the client’s specific needs, whether inheritance or estate tax, insurance, divorce, division of assets, bankruptcy, or loan collateral our trained appraisers come to your home or office. You are assured the best in service with professional courtesy, confidentiality, and top notch analysis.

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We are members of the International Society of Appraisers. An industry leader for personal property education and standards

The International Society of Appraisers.
An industry leader for personal property education and standards.

Our Services.

Insurance Appraisals Many basic home-owner’s insurance policies do not properly address the value of the items you treasure most…. read more

Divorce Appraisal …¬† A dissolution of marriage needs a well-supported, expert appraisal report that will hold up during litigation. If you find yourself in a battle of assets
…read more

Estate Appraisal As the executor, or personal representative for a loved ones estate, you may feel overwhelmed by the prospect … read more

Building Material Donation If you consider donating building materials from your remodel or deconstruction. We are qualified to evaluate the fair market value of used building materials for donation to a not-for-profit organization… read more

Business Equipment Appraisal We have the experience to accurately value many types of commercial and business assets. Our staff has worked with construction equipment, fabrication, cabinetry and furniture machinery, tools, and vehicles including earth moving, and material handling equipment. We also have experience with many types of restaurant or commercial  kitchen and catering items including refrigeration and appliances.